William Bucher – #3

Thunder D3

Point Guard / Shooting Guard

Class 1.0

When did you start playing wheelchair basketball?  2018-2019 season 

What part of wheelchair basketball do you enjoy most?  Community within the team and the joy of playing basketball again

Who is your favorite basketball player of all-time?  Allen Iverson or Kobe Bryant  

What is your favorite pre-game song?  POWER by Kanye West

What is your favorite movie?  Django Unchained

What is your favorite book or literary work?  Catcher in the Rye

What’s your favorite food?  Tenderloin Steak 

Who is your favorite NBA team?  Milwaukee Bucks! 

Who is your favorite college basketball team?  North Carolina Tar Heels!

Where were you born?  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Where would you like to go for a dream vacation?  Japan or South Korea 

Who is your role model?  Kobe Bryant