Ray Holt – #13

Thunder D3


Class 1.0

When did you start playing wheelchair basketball?  About 4 years ago 

What part of wheelchair basketball do you enjoy most? Meeting people that understand and go through the same thing I do

Who is your favorite basketball player of all-time?  Scottie Pippen

How would you describe yourself, in three words?  Funny, Athletic, Determined

What is your favorite pre-game song?  Sauce It Up

What is your disability or injury?  Spinal cord injury T6

What are some of your hobbies?  Playing video games

What is your favorite movie?  Friday

What is your favorite book or literary work?  Favorite book is The Giver

What’s your favorite food?  Wings

Who is your favorite NBA team?  Houston Rockets 

Who is your favorite college basketball team?  UNC Tar Heels 

Where were you born?  Raleigh NC

Where would you like to go for a dream vacation?  Hawaii

Who is your role model?  Lebron James